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Why Dr. George King?

Dr. George King

Why was Dr. George King chosen to act as the channel for advanced extraterrestrials?

Given the urgency of these times, the Cosmic Masters were looking for a medium advanced and sensitive enough to receive their message. Prior to receiving his first message, Dr. George King had diligently practiced advanced yoga techniques for eight to twelve hours a day for ten years while also holding a demanding job. This led to his mastery of the science of yoga and enabled him to gain control of the mystical power of Kundalini. As a Master of this ancient science he was able to accurately tune into the messages from the advanced extraterrestrial Masters. His yogic control of his mind ensured that he could easily discriminate between genuine extraterrestrial contacts and contacts with discarnate entities living on the astral planes of Earth.

In 1954, Dr. George King was chosen to start The Aetherius Society. It was founded in 1955 in London, England. Dr. King was taught by an advanced Master from the East how to obtain telepathic rapport with the Cosmic Masters. This required Dr. King to enter what is termed a "Positive Yogic Samadhic Trance" condition. It was in this type of highly elevated state of consciousness that he was used as a channel for the Cosmic Masters to give Their message to Earth. He soon was designated as Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel for the Cosmic Masters. These vital messages have been meticulously recorded and can be utilized by all Spiritually minded people irrespective of their religious beliefs.

 Origins of Aetherius

Aetherius is a pseudonym for the first advanced extraterrestrial to contact Dr. George King known to us as The Master Aetherius.

The word is derived from the Latin word aether which comes from the Greek word aither meaning upper air or outer space.

Its literal meaning is one who travels through the ethers of space.

Ether is the mystical element within which all matter exists. Contrary to orthodox belief, there are not four elements, but five – earth, fire, water, air and ether. Ether has mystical properties in that it contains different levels of matter which are not limited to the purely physical realm of existence. The concept of life on higher planes as well as higher planets is fundamental to The Aetherius Society, which was named after the Master who made this first historic contact.

 History and Meaning of Our Symbol

The main part of the symbol, all but the triangle, is the most ancient symbol for God yet known on Earth. It is an ancient and very sacred Sanskrit symbol. The triangle is the symbol of Wisdom and also contains elements of the meaning of the first symbol. The two symbols together mean God manifesting Itself as Wisdom.

Dr. King was the first Master on Earth to use these two symbols together and arrived upon using them as one after a long period of deep Samadhic meditation. The two symbols together have been used as The Aetherius Society’s symbol since 1955.

 Who are The Cosmic Masters?

The Cosmic Masters are highly evolved extraterrestrial beings. As far as we on Earth are concerned, the Cosmic Masters come mainly from the other Planets in this Solar System. They reside on the higher realms of their respective planets making them undetectable by any instruments yet devised on Earth. They are, however, capable of vibrating themselves onto any level of existence and can make themselves visible at will. They are beings of colossal advancement, millions of years our senior scientifically and spiritually.

The Cosmic Masters have visited Earth from time to time throughout history. It is the Cosmic Masters who have sent their emissaries to this planet throughout the ages. Beings such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Patanjali and others are part of this Cosmic and Solar Hierarchy and have been responsible for giving to humanity our knowledge of Spirituality.

Where Are Flying Saucers From?

The majority of flying saucers sighted in the skies above Earth come from highly evolved races living on the higher planes of existence, mainly within our own Solar System.

Interest in terrestrials by these Intelligences is not new. Strange craft in the skies of Earth have been reported in the earliest records of our planet. In Sanskrit texts there are reports of vessels flashing through the 'aerial spaces'. These texts refer to 'vimanas', literally celestial chariots, while the Egyptians wrote of the gods coming down from heaven in their shining vehicles bringing gifts and teachings. The Bible mentions countless aerial phenomena, including the famous Star of Bethlehem, and many of the oldest cave drawings depict flying spacecraft.

Why Do Flying Saucers Blink In and Out At Times?

Normally we cannot see their spacecraft as they are for the most part operating on higher frequencies of existence. The Cosmic Masters are able to lower the vibrations of themselves and their spacecraft down to the physical level at will. This is why flying saucers are often seen to blink in and out. They have chosen to be seen occasionally, to give mankind a sign that there is more life in the Universe than that on Earth. Occasionally certain Missions they perform on Earth require their presence on the physical plane.

 Why Cosmic Masters Don’t Land Openly on Earth?

By the Law of Karma, mankind does not deserve this - yet. The Law of Karma, an aspect of God Itself, has been taught to mankind throughout its history. The Master Jesus taught it, 'as you sow, so shall you reap'. The Lord Buddha stated it as: 'action and reaction are opposite and equal'.

For millennia, mankind has all but ignored this Law and treated his brother with contempt and violence. So violent have we been in our past that we destroyed our race on Earth twice before. First, in what was known as Lemuria or Mu, and later, during the days of Atlantis. Even before that time, we inhabited a Planet called Maldek, then between Mars and Jupiter. In a global war, not only did we destroy ourselves, but the Planet as well. The asteroid belt is all that remains of Maldek today.

This continual pattern of negative thought and action has brought much negative Karma to bear on our race. The Space Intelligences, thousands of lives more advanced than Earthman, act only within this all-encompassing Law of God. Our Karmic pattern severely limits the amount and type of help we can receive from the Cosmic Masters.

Working within the Law, The Cosmic Masters have carefully monitored and helped the progress of mankind for millions of years. Driven by a compassion and patience unknown by man upon this planet, They work silently, ceaselessly and unheard of by the mass of humanity. Their aim - to help mankind return to the Law of God so that he can gain his true freedom and enlightenment.

Why Are They Visiting Us Now?

The human race is once again at a crossroad. One road leads to disaster, self inflicted by his own science and materialism. The second leads to a new age, where mankind, through the development of his higher self and abiding by the Law of God, can safely harness his scientific discoveries.

Humanity has advanced technologically faster than we have done spiritually. In these days there is again a danger of our technology, in the hands of the few, causing mass destruction to the many. In order to help restore the balance at this pivotal time, the Cosmic Masters have been given permission to increase their help to mankind, to help mankind help himself and to guide us towards the New Age. The vital help the Cosmic Masters can now give to Earth is still largely hidden from humanity, however the following aspects of their Plan for the Salvation and enlightenment of mankind is known and can be utilized by all.

1. Cosmic Knowledge

They have recently given hundreds of cosmic teachings through Dr. George King. These Teachings come from Beings thousands of lives ahead of us in evolution.

The cosmic teachings are specially designed for the open thinker at this pivotal point in our history. This wisdom if acted upon can bring about a spiritual realization within the aspirant - a realization that puts one firmly on the path towards Enlightenment.

2. Increased Spiritual Energy

During certain times of the year, The Cosmic Masters radiate tremendous spiritual energy to Earth. This energy can be used by all spiritually minded people. Any act of service to others or spiritual practice performed during a Spiritual Push is potentized thousands of times.

  What is the Focus of Their Teachings?

The focus of the teachings of the Cosmic Masters can be summed up in one word - SERVICE. Unselfish service to others or Karma Yoga, according to these great Beings, is the greatest act that one can perform in these decisive days.
In the past, it was permitted to divorce oneself from humanity in the pursuit of self-development through meditative and yogic practice. Self-development is important and a certain amount of time should be devoted to personal spiritual practice, however, it is service in and among mankind that is essential in these days.
The Cosmic Masters also teach us a new cosmic concept of the nature of reality and the Universe. For more information on this see the section on The Cosmic Concept – Our Universe Revealed.

What Are the Main Aims of The Aetherius Society?

Very briefly, the main aims of The Aetherius Society are:

  • To spread the Teachings of the Cosmic Masters
  • To give spiritual healing
  • To prepare the way for the coming of the Next Master
  • To organize to Society so as to create favourable conditions for closer contact with and ultimately meetings with the people form other Planets
  • To tune in and radiate the power transmitted during a Spiritual Push by the Third Satellite
  • To form a brotherhood based on the Teachings and knowledge of the Cosmic Masters
  • To perform and support various missions, including Operation Starlight, Operation Sunbeam and Operation Prayer Power
  • To observe July the Eighth and other holy days

What Are the Main Beliefs of The Aetherius Society?

Service to mankind is the most essential yoga or religion in these days.

Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and other religious leaders were of extraterrestrial origin and came to Earth to help mankind.

The essential teachings of all major religions are similar in nature and that all religious people should cooperate with each other.

Karma and reincarnation are two natural, all pervasive laws of God.

There is advanced, intelligent life on other planets in our Solar System existing on a higher vibrational framework than life on the physical plane of Earth.

Some UFOs are intelligently controlled extraterrestrial spacecraft visiting this Earth.

Unlike many UFO groups we believe that extraterrestrials are friendly and are here to help humanity in our development.

Man, as with all life, is a divine spark of the Creator, or God, and that Earth is a classroom on the evolutionary ladder of life back to the source from which we all came.

The Mother Earth is a living breathing entity which is thousands of lives more evolved than we are.

How Can I Help The Aetherius Society?

One of the best ways that one can help The Aetherius Society is by becoming a member of The Aetherius Society and thereby support its great work.

When you become a member, you become a vital cell in The Aetherius Society as a whole. In this way, you help The Aetherius Society through your support and study of its vital teachings, which helps to establish those teachings more firmly on the mind belt.

Another vital way you can help to help The Aetherius Society, is to form a Twelve Blessings Group. The Twelve Blessings is one of the most important practices performed on Earth today and is a potent way to radiate the power of Love and send this to the corners of the Earth. By forming a Twelve Blessings Group, you not only manipulate karma for yourself, but also help to strengthen the wedge of Light that The Aetherius Society is sending into the world. You bring together people of like mind to send out a wave of Love and Light to a suffering world.

If you are unable to form a Group at this time, then performing your own Twelve Blessing Services as often as possible, combined with a careful study of the Teachings of The Aetherius Society will help you help the Cosmic Masters help our world.

As The Master Jesus stated in The Twelve Blessings, “It is written that when a few are gathered together in the Name of My Spirit, there will I be.”

What Do Members of The Aetherius Society Do?

  • Attend regular prayer circles in order to send spiritual energy to individuals and humanity as a whole.
  • Attend personal development classes such as; spiritual healing, prayer, yoga breathing, mantra, concentration and meditation, etc.
  • Help promote and support our advanced metaphysical missions, such as Operation Prayer Power and Operation Sunbeam.
  • Attend pilgrimages to several of the Holy Mountains on Earth in order to send out spiritual energy and healing power to the world.
  • Commemorate annually some of the major, cosmic events in our calendar, such as July the Eighth – The Primary Initiation of Earth.
 What Is The Path Beyond Nirvana?

In the past, great Masters of wisdom had bestowed words of great truth to people of Earth. Masters of the caliber of Jesus, Buddha,   Krishna and others had given teachings to humanity which would act as a guiding light to millions for centuries.

As emissaries of the Divine, these and other great Avatars gave ways to enlightenment and even immortality. Jesus, himself, demonstrated immortality through resurrection and referred to the Kingdom of Heaven as an enlightened state within. Jesus told his followers that if they emulated his example, they would be capable of even greater feats. In Buddhism, Nirvana has been sought as the enlightened state. Krishna taught the way to immortality through correct action.

It was believed in the East that by constant striving through many incarnations the soul could eventually transmigrate back to the Godhead after Nirvana or Enlightenment had been reached with no stages in between. This ancient philosophy had been accepted for thousands of years as sacred wisdom which could not be enhanced.

However, in 1961, through the brilliant yogic mediumship of Dr. George King, founder of The Aetherius Society and western master of yoga, was overshadowed by a great Being and a series of Teachings called The Nine Freedoms were delivered. And the ancient wisdom, as propounded by great masters of old, had indeed been enhanced.

In The Nine Freedoms we discover that Ascension or Immortality is not the end of the journey as had been believed for thousands of years, but one of the great steps towards true and lasting freedom.

The journey towards that ultimate reality, that ultimate goal, that of the amalgamation with the Godhead, then, is not achieved through Nirvana nor through Ascension but through millions upon millions of greater incarnations yet to come.

In The Nine Freedoms we find that this is a journey not of transmigration, but of transmutation.

In The Nine Freedoms we are given in profound detail great steps which go far beyond even the Hindu concept of Immortality such as Interplanetary Existence.

In The Nine Freedoms, sacred wisdom kept from humanity since our inception upon Earth, has been given. This is indeed the most detailed and precise account of our journey through evolution in the history of occult literature.

These are nine steps, nine great steps, a journey through evolution which every man and woman on Earth must take up to the exalted state of Ascension and beyond.



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